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Selecting just the right financial services for you and your family

Here's a terrific checklist to help you determine the RIGHT FINANCIAL SERVICES for you and your family. Trying to choose financial services without a great guide or without a strong checklist is a recipe for disaster, and almost always results in overspending or wasteful decisions, so print this out and use it to save yourself and your family both time and money...

1. Discover your financial position now. Be honest with yourself. There’s no point in trying to fool yourself.

2. Decide what you want and decide what you need. They are not always the same.

3. Prioritize your goals. Begin with your most important and work down towards the least important.

4. Find a great advisor. You want the sort of person who will take the time to get to know you. That right person will determine whether you are the investment mode type of client or the debt mode type of client? Or are you both?

5. Create a plan with your advisor. You and your advisor need to create the right plan that matches you.

6. Determine your time frame. Be realistic.

7. Put it in writing. By creating a written document, you are making yourself and your advisor accountable.

8. Be disciplined. Stick to your goals.

9. Use formulas to discover what insurance you need.

10. Be prepared. Life happens. Be able to protect yourself when bad things occur.

11. Use the right financial product to achieve what you want. Read and research to find the product that will help you reach your goals.

12. Create a budget. Keep track of your spending. Have the tools to compare what you spent to what you thought you had spent.

13. Shop around for better rates for debt. Be careful with your choices; you don’t want to leap out of the pan and into the fire.

14. Get rid of your higher interest debt before anything else. These are the ones that are costing you the most money. As you get rid of these, you’ll begin to see more ready cash available to pay down other debts and to begin your investment plan.